Why Us

We understand that this natural world is only an image and copy of paradise. The world is only the visible aspect of God and that what one does is to bring spiritual part into contact with the material plane. That is why Virtual Kenya is here for you.

Virtual Kenya entertains you by giving you a limitless opportunity to create a virtual aspect of the rich land of Kenya and across the globe. Enjoy the best of the land at the comfort of your home, by travelling virtually, whereby later on you can visit the places for real-life experience and you get discounts for using Virtual Kenya.

In partnership with D2Tours, you will get transport services, from your home to your destination, from air chartered services to yachts and exotic automobile to enhance your experience. D2Tours we got you covered.

Virtual Kenya offers you with MICE activities (Tourism Business), Leisure Tourism and all other Hospitality and Tourism activities under one organization. We have well organized for you, where by you can see and feel the Kenya’s fineness without degrading the environment and climate change; by giving you adequate information (from our blogs) and interpretations to enhance your experience in Kenya; with lots of events and keeping you aware of other destinations in Kenya that are not overcrowded, you can view all these virtually to be certain.

we develop your virtual world, then we take you there for real-life experience.